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Project Number Project Name                                                    Description of Project Number of Volunteers Needed Number of Volunteers Volunteer Captain Governers                               (Person at Project)
11 Recreate Veggie Garden at West Site The land needs to be cleared again and soil prepared into individual patches to grow various veggies. Veggies to be planted and area also needs to be fenced off. 7 ???? ????
96 Ben Gen:-Veggies picking in season Seasonal vegetables and fruits will need to be harvested. Come along for an hour or two to pick veggies. 34 6+(Connect Group 8+15) 1 Sue Crawford
108 PFRA:- Volunteers to sand & paint plant pots up the driveway Volunteers needed to repaint the plant pots up the driveway 6 6 Andre Delport LM
111 PFRA:- Qualified volunteers to take down a tree in the garden Qualified volunteers to cut down the tree in the garden that is causing some problems around the driveway area. 3 4 Phil Phil Gill
152 Mphophomeni Community Gardens maintenance and planting Volunteers to bring their gardening tools & seedlings to revitalise the gardens and plant veggies in the Mphophomeni Community Gardens. Fencing has been donated 60m 15 18   Bongani Magaso/ Mark and Heidi Hoatson
166 Salvation Army Joseph Baines: Gardeners to remove all the paper thorns in the children’s playground Need gardeners to poison all the paper thorns on the kids playground for the and remove. Large Area 5 1 Paul Fourie
187 Howick Site: Enviro Care and Gardening around Howick Falls area Volunteers to spend time tidying up the Howick Falls area and do some much needed garden maintenance. 1 John Fath
110 PFRA GardenS Enthusiastic gardeners are required to help with the maintenance of the gardens at PFRA. 3 Renee Forsberg