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Project Number Project Name                                                   
Description of Project
Number of Volunteers Needed Number of Volunteers Volunteer Captain
47 Mpophomeni:- Environmental Community Clean up Volunteers encouraged to join the team to clean up Mpophomeni   11 Bongani Magoso
48 Duzi Water clean up and assess purity of the water. For those interested in preserving our environment especially the water situation. A Clean up of a river near you or the Duzi as well as assessing the health of the water is being planned – all interested people please sign up now.   1 Brad Graves
49 Recycling Project TBC
50 Recycling Project TBC
51 Environmental Clean up Winterskloof / Sweet Waters Clean up of the main road through Sweet Waters in Winterskloof.   10 Anneke Loretz
52 Environmental Clean up World View site / Conservancy Green team clean up of the conservancy adjoining the Worlds view site 20 12 + Russell High School Caroline Kirn
187 Howick Site: Enviro Care and Gardening around Howick Falls area Volunteers to spend time tidying up the Howick Falls area and do some much needed garden maintenance. 2 John Fath