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Project Number Project Name                                                    Description of Project Number of Volunteers Needed Number of Volunteers Volunteer Captain
20 Volunteers to assist Ladies in the west to redesign the Noah’s Park area with donations of loose carpeting etc Noah’s Park is a multi functional room and needs to be redesigned cleverly for all it’s various uses – West Ladies must lead this 5 ????
36 Ethembeni – Chalk boards in 1 classroom and re-do one chalk board in Sofe’s classroom Prepare and paint black chalk board paint on 2 classroom walls and redo the one in Sofe’s class. 7 4 (+4 Finance) Sofe Flanagan
40 Donate and decorate two metal drums at the gates of Ethembeni to be used for refuse.  Donate two big metal drums to Ethembeni to use as refuse bins and work with the children to decorate them.   3 Sofe Flanagan
70 Edendale Hospital F Ward – PaeVolunteers required to come and decorate and love the children in 2. F Ward for long staying children can be decorated nicely and volunteers are needed to spend time with the children here doing fun activities or educational stuff as they have missed a lot of school – Reading etc. 10 12 + (Office group of 8) Amy Carr/ Courtney
100 Ben Gen:- Under cover play area Revamp Plaster the whole wall and once everything is set and dry the wall needs to be painted, possibly make it into a giant chalk board with some creative assistance. All ingredients for plastering
147 Howick Site:- Photography Interest Group Those interested in learning basic photography and using it as a tool to reach people are encouraged to join an informative and fun afternoon… Place to be announced   4 John Fath