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Project Number Project Name                                                    Description of Project Number of Volunteers Needed Number of Volunteers Volunteer Captain
1 Putting up Cricket Nets Demarcate and level area set aside for cricket nets   1 Grant Crawford
2 Cast Cricket Foundation Levelled area to have slab laid as per specifications in diagram on project 1   Crawford Fam +2 Grant Crawford
3 Cast Steel Poles Poles to be erected around the slab area     Grant Crawford
4 Cricket Nets Fencing to be erected on the steel poles     Grant Crawford
5 Lay Astro Turf in fenced area Astro Turf must be laid in the net area   1 Grant Crawford
10 West: Build new sewing room for sewing business Details to be confirmed for this project e.g. Size etc.      
12 West: Extend Kitchen facility for Children’s Feeding Scheme Extend the existing kitchen facility to add more children to the feeding scheme   1
15 West: Undercover area to be erected outside the kitchen area at the west for children to use for lunch and homework. Donation of materials, be a sponsor or help with the putting up of a canopy outside the kitchen area at the west.      
19 West: Team of Volunteers plus electrician required to move the cross from the rear of the building to the front We need a team of people to assist with moving the big cross from the rear of the West site to the front of the church building, and an electrician to get all the lights on the cross working.   Connect grp 15 +1
22 West: Jungle Gym needed outside Noah’s Park Supply a new or second hand jungle gym for the children at the west. Area is already designated outside Noah’s park. 1
23 West: Slab to be laid outside Noah’s Park building with Drainage Area outside Noah’s park needs a concrete slab to be laid with drainage etc.   Details TBC
34 France: New Soccer goals and level of soccer field at France Level the ground with a TLB and plant new grass and put up new goal posts. 2 Errol Smith
97 Ben Gen:- Hebron House – Upgrade. Multiple Projects. Fit Ceiling boards and Cornices. Experienced renovators needed to fit the ceiling boards and cornices in Hebron House.   All Materials ceiling boards and cornices are on site already. Ginny Barnard
98 Ben Gen:- Hebron House – Upgrade. Tiling of Hebron House 40 square metres Sponsorship of tiles and Experienced tilers needed to tile out Hebron house – approx 40 squares 1 Ginny Barnard
99 Ben Gen:- Under cover play area Revamp Experienced volunteers needed to build up the wall in the play area – Requires Blocks, cement, sand and stone
100 Ben Gen:- Under cover play area Revamp Plaster the whole wall and once everything is set and dry the wall needs to be painted, possibly make it into a giant chalk board with some creative assistance. All ingredients for plastering
118 PFRA:- Redo tarring at the top of the driveway and parking area. Tarring needs to be done and repaired at the top of the driveway and around the carports. 3
120 PFRA: The sponsorship and installation of Jojo Tanks around the building Volunteers and sponsors to assist with Jojo tanks and installing them around the residence.   3 Colin Maher
136 SOS Children’s Village needs assistance with ceiling boards that need to be replaced in some of the homes Volunteers are needed to help with repairing and installing new ceiling boards in some of the homes
148 Howick Site:- Assist the Mpophomeni site with their new church building there are various projects – TBC Mphopomeni is in construction phase now and any and all help would be appreciated – Contact Tim for a list of the jobs still needing assistance. Tim Fannin/Bongani Maguso
153 Mphophomeni Site – Fencing for the church premises The Mphophomeni church site needs to be fenced off.
154 Mphophomeni Building project needs a construction site office for the duration of the project. Calling all construction/ renovation businessmen, if you have a container or something that can be used as a site office please let us know   1 Grant Crawford
155 Mphophomeni Site – Needs a slab laid between the existing house and container Builders needed to lay a slab at Mphophomeni site. 1